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a sheet of matted cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers.
Historical Examples

But how offended he is, when batt cannot at once comply with his imperious demands.
Erasmus and the Age of Reformation Johan Huizinga

batt’s influence and efforts had procured him this lucky chance.
Erasmus and the Age of Reformation Johan Huizinga

It was a toss-up between us and a boat-load of the 2nd batt.
A Soldier’s Experience or A Voice from the Ranks: Showing the Cost of War in Blood and Treasure Timothy Gowing

But what grieves us most is the way he speaks to honest batt.
Erasmus and the Age of Reformation Johan Huizinga

Its nature is thus fully described in a curious satirical poem, entitled batt upon batt, published in 1694.
The Gaming Table: Its Votaries and Victims Andrew Steinmetz

Farewell, my best and dearest batt, and put all of batt into this business.
Erasmus and the Age of Reformation Johan Huizinga

I will send immediately an announcement of the death to our attorney, Mr. batt of London.
The Doctor’s Red Lamp Various

My will relating to this property is in the hands of my lawyer, Mr. batt, in London.
The Doctor’s Red Lamp Various

“This young man appears to have some trace of common-sense,” said Mrs. batt.
Police!!! Robert W. Chambers

Captain batt used all the arguments he could to get them forward, but in vain.
The History of Virginia, in Four Parts Robert Beverley

(textiles) another word for batting (sense 1)
(Austral & NZ) a slab-shaped piece of insulating material used in building houses


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