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a small board or strip of wood used for various building purposes, as to cover joints between boards, reinforce certain doors, or supply a foundation for lathing.
a transverse iron or steel strip supporting the flooring strips of a metal fire escape.

a thin strip of wood inserted in a sail to keep it flat.
a thin, flat length of wood or metal used for various purposes, as to hold the tarpaulin covering a hatch in place.

Shipbuilding. a flexible strip of wood used for fairing the lines of a hull on the floor of a mold loft.

Also called pipe batten. a length of metal pipe hung from the gridiron, for suspending scenery or equipment, as drops, flats, or lighting units.
a narrow strip of lumber for constructing, reinforcing, or joining flats.
a similar strip attached to a drop to keep it flat or taut.

to furnish or bolster with battens.
Nautical. to cover (a hatch) so as to make watertight (usually followed by down).
Machinery. to secure (work) to a table or bed for a machining operation.
Building Trades. to join or assemble (a steel column or the like) with batten plates.

to suspend (scenery, stage lights, etc.) from a batten.
to fasten a batten to (a flat or drop).

a sawn strip of wood used in building to cover joints, provide a fixing for tiles or slates, support lathing, etc
a long narrow board used for flooring
a narrow flat length of wood or plastic inserted in pockets of a sail to give it proper shape
a lath used for holding a tarpaulin along the side of a raised hatch on a ship

a row of lights
the strip or bar supporting them

(NZ) Also called dropper. an upright part of a fence made of wood or other material, designed to keep wires at equal distances apart
(transitive) to furnish or strengthen with battens
batten down the hatches

to use battens in nailing a tarpaulin over a hatch on a ship to make it secure
to prepare for action, a crisis, etc

(intransitive) usually foll by on. to thrive, esp at the expense of someone else: to batten on the needy
Jean. 1909–82, New Zealand aviator: the first woman to fly single-handed from Australia to Britain (1935)

“strip of wood (especially used to fasten canvas over ships’ hatches),” 1650s, anglicized variant of baton “a stick, a staff” (see baton). Nautical use attested from 1769.

“to improve; to fatten,” 1590s, probably representing an English dialectal survival of Old Norse batna “improve” (cf. Old English batian, Old Frisian batia, Old High German bazen, Gothic gabatnan “to become better, avail, benefit,” Old English bet “better;” cf. also boot (v.)). Related: Battened; battening.

“to furnish with battens,” 1775, from batten (n.); phrase batten down recorded from 1823. Related: Battened; battening.


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