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Batter’s box

box1 (def 16a).


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  • Battered child

    battered child battered child bat·tered child (bāt’ərd) n. A child upon whom multiple, continuing, often serious nonaccidental injuries have been inflicted.

  • Battered child syndrome

    the array of physical injuries exhibited by young children who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their parents or guardians. battered child syndrome n. A combination of continuing, often serious physical injuries, such as bruises, scratches, hematomas, burns, or malnutrition, inflicted on a child through gross abuse usually by parents, guardians, or other […]

  • Battered woman syndrome

    the array of physical and psychological injuries exhibited by women (battered women or battered wives) who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their partners or spouses. Contemporary Examples “I had talked the defense into portraying her act under the ‘battered woman syndrome,’” Speckhard recalls. Kristin Beck, the SEALs’ Warrior Princess Who Came Out […]

  • Battered wife

    See under battered woman syndrome. Contemporary Examples According to a CNN source, Dobbs tormented Pilgrim to the point that “she was like a battered wife.” Is Lou Dobbs Too Mean to Be President? Lloyd Grove December 2, 2009 It’s a poem by the English poet John Ash, and it ends with the image of the […]

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