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Batting eye

the batter’s visual appraisal of balls pitched toward home plate.
Historical Examples

If only Wagner had found his batting eye he would surely send his captain home with the tying run.
Fast Nine Alan Douglas

I see he didnt lose his batting eye while he was a hold-out.
Baseball Joe, Captain of the Team Lester Chadwick

Perhaps he was too anxious, but it was evident that his batting eye was off.
Baseball Joe, Home Run King Lester Chadwick

I have always been proud of the “batting eye” that enables an iron puddler to shape the balls to the exact weight required.
The Iron Puddler James J. Davis

Show them that your layoff hasnt hurt your batting eye, Larry, sang out McRae.
Baseball Joe, Home Run King Lester Chadwick

It was evident that Ainslee had his “batting eye” with him that afternoon, and could not be easily fooled.
Bert Wilson’s Fadeaway Ball J. W. Duffield


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