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Battle of the, the final major German counteroffensive in World War II, begun December 16, 1944, and thrusting deep into Allied territory in N and E Belgium: repulsed January 1945.
a swelling or an outward curve
a sudden increase in number or volume, esp of population
(Brit) another name for baby boom
(Brit) the projecting part of an army’s front line; salient
to swell outwards
Battle of the Bulge, (in World War II) the final major German counteroffensive in 1944 when the Allied forces were pushed back into NE Belgium; the Germans were repulsed by Jan 1945

c.1200, “wallet, leather bag,” from Old French bouge, boulge “wallet, pouch, leather bag,” or directly from Latin bulga “leather sack” (see budget (n.)). Sense of “a swelling” is first recorded 1620s. Bilge (q.v.) might be a nautical variant.

“to protrude, swell out,” 1670s, from bulge (n.). Related: Bulged; bulging.


An advantage; a lead: running up a 20–0 bulge/ the Californians fashioned a two-run bulge of their own (1840s+)
A usually fatty surplus on the waist, buttocks, etc; spare tire (1940s+)

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