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the beating or driving of game from cover toward a stationary hunter.
a hunt or hunting party using this method of securing game.

undiscriminating slaughter of defenseless or unresisting crowds.
Historical Examples

Having had a long morning’s ride, our first day’s battue was closed early.
Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia Thomas Forester

The Indian assured him that it was not the first battue of the kind he had made.
The Forest Exiles Mayne Reid

His burghers were ready to “go on the battue of Englishmen,” when he gave the word.
Lord Milner’s Work in South Africa W. Basil Worsfold

A battue of Communards is obviously superior to a battue of pheasants.
The History of Sir Richard Calmady Lucas Malet

When nearer still the battue and stampede commenced, and the scene was then wild and confusing in the extreme.
Our Home in the Silver West Gordon Stables

The battue in Ettrick Forest, for the destruction of the foxes.
The Pirate Sir Walter Scott

From the beginning of the battue it was easy to see that the hunt would be a good one.
The Companions of Jehu Alexandre Dumas, pre

I hate a battue, and call it sport I cannot, and never will.
Sporting Society, Vol. II (of 2) Various

This battue cost the lives183 of a great number of beaters, who succumbed to the fatigue of the operations.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

I went hunting with no company but the two hundred gamekeepers for the battue.
The Surprises of Life Georges Clemenceau

the beating of woodland or cover to force game to flee in the direction of hunters

an organized shooting party using this method
the game disturbed or shot by this method

indiscriminate slaughter, as of a defenceless crowd


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