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a showy, usually cheap, ornament; trinket; gewgaw.
a jester’s scepter.
Historical Examples

Makes the temporary incumbent of the bauble nervous, makes him jealous.
Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess Henry W. Fischer

I keep a box in my pocket merely as a bauble—it was a present.
Loss and Gain John Henry Newman

She had a much better part in “The bauble Shop,” which followed the next year.
Charles Frohman: Manager and Man Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman

She threw the bauble on the floor; it lay there crushed and shapeless.
The Doomsman Van Tassel Sutphen

He had toyed with it as with a bauble, and was ready to throw it away.
John Brown, Soldier of Fortune Hill Peebles Wilson

It was thus I now toyed there with my fate in my hands, as might a child have toyed with a bauble.
Ruggles of Red Gap Harry Leon Wilson

Fetch the cap and bauble, said the sovereign, and let the King of Fools have his coronation.
A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla Leigh Hunt

So you had better produce the other bauble you stole at the same time.
David Elginbrod George MacDonald

The conductor’s eye in fine frenzy rolling, says as clearly as fine frenzied rolling eye can say anything, “Remove that bauble!”
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 98, June 14 1890 Various

Actually, he knew he could get an easy twenty-five balata for the bauble in Karth.
The Players Everett B. Cole

a showy toy or trinket of little value; trifle
a small, usually spherical ornament made of coloured or decorated material which is hung from the branches of a Christmas tree Usual US name Christmas ornament
(formerly) a mock staff of office carried by a court jester

“showy trinket or ornament,” early 14c., from Old French baubel “child’s toy, trinket,” probably a reduplication of bel, from Latin bellus “pretty” (see bene-). Or else related to babe, baby.


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