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  • Bavaria

    a state in SE Germany: formerly a kingdom. 27,239 sq. mi. (70,550 sq. km). Capital: Munich. Contemporary Examples Upon his liberation in 1945, the U.S. military set him up with a tailor shop in a small town in Bavaria. My Father Made Jackie’s Pink Suit Michael Horowicz November 20, 2013 His remains were buried in […]

  • Bavarian

    of or relating to Bavaria, its inhabitants, or their dialect. a native or an inhabitant of Bavaria. the High German speech of Bavaria and Austria. Compare Alemannic (def 1). Contemporary Examples In this capacity, Spitz provided information on the German Red Cross and the Bavarian Separatist Movement in southern Germany. On the Trail of Nazi […]

  • Bavarian cream

    a dessert made with custard, gelatin, and whipped cream. noun a cold dessert consisting of a rich custard set with gelatine and flavoured in various ways Also called (French) bavarois (bavarwa)

  • Batum

    a seaport in and the capital of Adzharistan, in the SW Georgian Republic, on the Black Sea. Historical Examples From this port it is shipped in tank cars by rail to batum, whence it is conveyed to the various European markets. Commercial Geography Jacques W. Redway The import trade reaches nothing like the same value, […]

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