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an old Scottish bullion coin, originally worth about three halfpence of English coin, later sixpence.
a halfpenny.
anything of little value.
Historical Examples

If Sam Houston’s worth one bawbee, he’ll stand here and give ’em a fight.
American Men of Action Burton E. Stevenson

Mr. bawbee being a shrewd, hard-headed Scot, had an opinion of his own.
Mark Gildersleeve John S. Sauzade

It doesna make a bawbee’s difference in Thora’s liking for Jack’s lass.
The Pilots of Pomona Robert Leighton

Well, if you are only going after trinkets, I wouldn’t give a ‘bawbee’ for that kind of fun.
Our Little Scotch Cousin Blanche McManus

She seemed to me to have spent all her days behind a counter, smirking thankfulness to bawbee customers.
The Ayrshire Legatees John Galt

As for the wages they got, they were that sma’, folks used to toss up a bawbee to see whether they wad keep a servant or a canary.
Erchie (AKA Hugh Foulis) Neil Munro

Now that I am going the way of all flesh, I have gi’en you every bawbee I have.
Winter Evening Tales Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

But it’s a verra curious thing to me, and I don’t care a bawbee about the sound.
Boy Scouts: Tenderfoot Squad Alan Douglas

They couldna imagine a bawbee or a kind word to anybody but themsel’s.
A Reconstructed Marriage Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

The kist and its contents will be sold for a guinea and not a bawbee less.
The Mystery of the Sea Bram Stoker

a former Scottish silver coin
(Scot) an informal word for halfpenny (sense 2)


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