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a brothel.
an archaic word for brothel


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  • Bawdy house

    a brothel. Historical Examples A more likely cause is the second story in the Letter, the visit to the bawdy house. A Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope Colley Cibber That a saloon with a sign reading “Family Entrance” on its side door invariably has a bawdy house upstairs. The American Credo George Jean […]

  • Bawk

    bawk An Awk-like pattern-matching language by Bob Brodt, distributed with MINIX. (1994-11-28)

  • Bawl

    to cry or wail lustily. to utter or proclaim by outcry; shout out: to bawl one’s dissatisfaction; bawling his senseless ditties to the audience. to offer for sale by shouting, as a hawker: a peddler bawling his wares. a loud shout; outcry. a period or spell of loud crying or weeping. Chiefly Midland and Western […]

  • Bawl someone out

    bawl someone out verb phrase To reprimand severely; rebuke; CHEW someone OUT (1900s+)

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