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Bay window

an alcove of a room, projecting from an outside wall and having its own windows, especially one having its own foundations.
Compare bow window, oriel.
Informal. a large, protruding belly; paunch.
Historical Examples

The Emperor, having said just what was needful, retired to the seclusion of his bay window.
The Intriguers William Le Queux

He goes to the bay window and looks out; then rings the bell.
The Mob (Third Series Plays) John Galsworthy

The instant she was gone, out from the bay window stalked her husband!
The Lion’s Mouse C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson

Mr. George was at one of the tables near the bay window, and was busy writing.
Rollo in Holland Jacob Abbott

Now away down stairs flew all the four, who had been wriggling for an hour in the bay window.
Happy Days for Boys and Girls Various

Say, it’s a reg’lar rollin’ bay window, that car of Mr. Robert’s!
Torchy Sewell Ford

I raised this window, and crawled like a cat over to the bay window, the top of which was considerably lower than the roof.
Seek and Find Oliver Optic

Well, we sat this evening in the bay window as usual, I facing No. 7.
Johnny Ludlow, Sixth Series Mrs. Henry Wood

On one side is a bay window, over which curtains are partly drawn.
The Mob (Third Series Plays) John Galsworthy

She stood among the potted plants in the bay window, looking out.
The Debatable Land Arthur Colton

a window projecting from the wall of a building and forming an alcove of a room Sometimes shortened to bay See also bow window, oriel window

noun phrase

A protuberant stomach; paunch; potbelly: He’s lean and mean, no bay window and no patience (1870s+)


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