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a magical legendary horse in medieval chivalric romances.
a mock-heroic name for any horse.
(lowercase) Archaic. a bay horse.
Pierre Terrail
[pyer te-ra-yuh] /pyɛr tɛˈra yə/ (Show IPA), Seigneur de
[se-nyœr duh] /sɛˈnyœr də/ (Show IPA), (“the knight without fear and without reproach”) 1473–1524, heroic French soldier.
any man of heroic courage and unstained honor.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

While the dispute had dragged out, Wheeler’s attorney Bayard Marin said, “There were no Jerry Springer moments.”
Mysterious Murder of Bush Official: John P. Wheeler III Found Dead in Delaware Landfill Christine Pelisek, Pat Wingert January 3, 2011

Maybe keeping someone like Bayard Rustin in the shadows seemed to make sense at the time, but no one can argue that now.
Why Black Preachers Pretend a Key Civil-Rights Leader Didn’t Exist Mansfield Frazier, Larry Durstin May 15, 2012

Historical Examples

It was Lancelot after the tournament, Bayard receiving felicitations after the battle.
The Octopus Frank Norris

Dr. Bayard drew back his chair an inch or two, but made no apology.
Fairy Fingers Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie

It made me feel ashamed to be alive—in such a world—why, Mr. Bayard!
A Singular Life Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Let Bayard Taylor paint the result of this fearful struggle.
History of Education Levi Seeley

Bayard Taylor translates: Encheiresin naturae, this Chemistry names, nor knows how herself she banters and blames!
Prophets of Dissent Otto Heller

Mme. Constantin and the others had gathered closer to where Bayard sat.
Homo F. Hopkinson Smith

When the fighting was over, Bayard said: “Gentlemen, we really must take that castle with all the spoils in it.”
Bayard: The Good Knight Without Fear And Without Reproach Christopher Hare

But it isn’t fair to Uncle Bayard for me to be away any longer.
Blue Bonnet’s Ranch Party C. E. Jacobs

a legendary horse that figures prominently in medieval romance
Chevalier de (ʃəvalje də), original name Pierre de Terrail ?1473–1524, French soldier, known as le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche (the fearless and irreproachable knight)

generic or mock-heroic name for a horse, mid-14c., from Old French Baiard, name of the bay-colored magic steed given by Charlemagne to Renaud in the legends, from Old French baiart “bay-colored” (see bay (adj.)). Also by early 14c. proverbial as a blind person or thing, for now-unknown reasons. The name later was used attributively of gentlemen of courage and integrity, in this sense from Pierre du Terrail, seigneur de Bayard (1473-1524), French knight celebrated as Chevalier sans peur et sans reproche. The surname is perhaps in reference to hair color.


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