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Lillian Mary. 1874–1937, British theatre manager: founded the Old Vic (1912) and the Sadler’s Wells company for opera and ballet (1931)
Trevor (Graham). born 1937, British inventor of the clockwork radio (1992)
Historical Examples

Mr. baylis, a young gentleman fifteen years of age, leaped from the chains after the boat had got off, and was taken in.
Fifty-two Stories of the British Navy, from Damme to Trafalgar. Alfred H. Miles

baylis asked them to get the Bible out of the pulpit and read it to him.
American Prisoners of the Revolution Danske Dandridge

At that moment the last bell sounded and Miss baylis was obliged to dismiss her class as quickly as possible.
A Dixie School Girl Gabrielle E. Jackson

The first victim of starvation, baylis Williams, died in the Reed cabin.
History of the Donner Party C.F. McGlashan

Mr. baylis stated that he himself had acquired the portrait from the Héger family at Brussels.
The Key to the Bront Works John Malham-Dembleby

“Yes, Miss baylis,” replied Sally, as she scrambled up her books and joined the girls all hurrying to their rooms.
A Dixie School Girl Gabrielle E. Jackson

Miss baylis, order all the outer doors closed and guarded and a thorough search made.
A Dixie School Girl Gabrielle E. Jackson

About the time the fifteen began their terrible journey, baylis Williams starved to death.
History of the Donner Party C.F. McGlashan

The last period of each day was twelve to one, the juniors had history and English literature under Miss baylis.
A Dixie School Girl Gabrielle E. Jackson

Within those two years the “Caudle Lectures” had been produced and baylis’s prophecy fulfilled.
The History of “Punch” M. H. Spielmann


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