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a seaport in NE New Jersey.
a seaport in SW France, near the Bay of Biscay.
Contemporary Examples

We had to leave the Sud Express at Bayonne and took a hard-benched local to St-Jean, a place that Hemingway had greatly enjoyed.
Is This Hemingway’s Pamplona or a Lot of Bull? Clive Irving July 12, 2014

And whether the Bayonne Bridge project will be completed on time.
Our Mindless Government Is Heading for a Spending Disaster Nick Gillespie April 9, 2014

Historical Examples

These measures were consequent on the investment of Bayonne.
Cornish Characters S. Baring-Gould

The old man was trying to persuade him to stay at Bayonne, until his wound should be cured.
White Lies Charles Reade

One of the pieces of tapestry worked in Bayonne in 1066 shows the figure of a man driving a horse harnessed to a harrow.
Horses Past and Present Walter Gilbey

Joseph was immediately restored to favor and ordered to Bayonne.
The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte William Milligan Sloane

It was thirty miles away, and those trains, with changes at Irun and Bayonne, would be most fearfully slow.
The Happy Golfer Henry Leach

As you left out an “n” in Corunna, so must I leave out an “n” in Bayonne.’
The Roll-Call Of The Reef A. T. Quiller-Couch (AKA “Q.”)

The family of Toussaint were first sent to Bayonne, and afterwards to Agen, where one of the sons died of a decline.
The Hour and the Man Harriet Martineau

Anyhow, I would just as soon be in prison as walking about the streets of Bayonne.
Under Wellington’s Command G. A. Henty

a port in SW France: a commercial centre for the Basque region. Pop: 40 078 (1999)


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