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René François Nicolas Marie
[ruh-ney frahn-swa nee-kaw-lah ma-ree] /rəˈneɪ frɑ̃ˈswa ni kɔˈlɑ maˈri/ (Show IPA), 1853–1932, French novelist.
Historical Examples

We left our horses at the post, and found a guide to Bazin’s Inn, which lay beyond the walls.
David Balfour, Second Part Robert Louis Stevenson

It is safe to say that Bazin will never develop into an author dangerous to morals.
The Ink-Stain, Complete Rene Bazin

A military man like Leake could not have made this error, though he led Bazin into it by falsely locating Thermon.
Vacation days in Greece Rufus B. Richardson

A third doctor has been in consultation—Doctor Bazin, from Beaulieu.
Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo William Le Queux

Bazin was a tall man, running to fat: soft-spoken, with a delicate, gentle face.
The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson – Swanston Edition Robert Louis Stevenson

Darcy and Bazin give, for the relation of the mean velocity vm and bottom velocity vb.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 1 Various

Scarce any road came by there; but a number of footways travelled among the bents in all directions up to Mr. Bazin’s door.
David Balfour, Second Part Robert Louis Stevenson

With Bazin literary life does not become a mirage obscuring the vision of real life.
The Ink-Stain, Complete Rene Bazin


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