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Contemporary Examples

What a difference six weeks, 1,400 miles, and a healthy dose of sunshine, beer, and BBQ make.
The Next Best Breakout Films Karina Longworth March 18, 2009

Restaurant For the best Korean BBQ in L.A., hidden hotspot Soot Bull Jeep is not to be missed.
Fresh Picks The Daily Beast July 29, 2010

Spring is definitely the season to spice things up, and what better way to skip the actual fuss of grilling than to bun your BBQ?
A Savory Spring Picnic Jamie & Bobby Deen April 18, 2011

The Utah congressman headlined Airhart’s “Blue Jean Bash” at Jethro’s BBQ and Jambalaya in West Des Moines.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz Visits Iowa Ben Jacobs, Eli Lake December 1, 2013

These creepy crawlies have been flavored with BBQ sauce, but not much can disguise their little legs.
Camel in a Can and 6 More Weird Canned Meats January 4, 2014

If an Amazon drone flies over your summer BBQ, can you call the cops?
Are Amazon’s Drone Plans Just a Fantasy? Abby Haglage December 1, 2013

Guy Fieri has become the Food Network’s biggest star, while offending foodies by promoting lowbrow favorites like BBQ sushi.
The Trailer Park Gourmet Rachel Syme November 9, 2009


abbreviation of barbecue, by 1956, American English.


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