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trademark bacille Calmette-Guérin (antituberculosis vaccine)
Contemporary Examples

However, bcg’s report argues that we are currently just witnessing the beginning of a major shift in global manufacturing.
Commander-in-Cheap: US is a Bargain Manufacturer CNBC August 27, 2013

While bcg cited low labor, natural gas and electricity costs, Williamson emphasized lead-times.
Commander-in-Cheap: US is a Bargain Manufacturer CNBC August 27, 2013

bcg believes that would mean the U.S. unemployment rate could drop by up to three percentage points from its current rate of 7.4.
Commander-in-Cheap: US is a Bargain Manufacturer CNBC August 27, 2013

Now, bcg says there is more reason for people who make stuff in the U.S. to take heart.
Consumers Love the Made in the U.S.A. Brand Daniel Gross November 19, 2012

BCG abbr.

bacille bilié de Calmette-Guérin


bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine


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