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Bachelor of Chemical Science.
Bachelor of Commercial Science.
Contemporary Examples

Our side is not above an old-fashioned threat: Destroy the bcs, and you might get something worse.
Bush’s Man Shills for Football Bryan Curtis December 1, 2009

Maybe we could even throw in a bcs Playoff system to decide who wins.
The Next Great Media War Larry Kramer January 3, 2009

The bcs countered that move by hiring Fleischer, who is an expert at defending the home team.
Bush’s Man Shills for Football Bryan Curtis December 1, 2009

The pro-playoff forces claim a popular mandate (85 percent of college fans disapprove of the bcs, according to one Gallup poll).
Bush’s Man Shills for Football Bryan Curtis December 1, 2009

FSU is currently ranked second in their division, bcs, and are 9-0 for the season.
Jameis Winston Rape Ruling to Come After ACC Championship Caroline Linton November 28, 2013

abbreviation (in the US and Canada)
Bachelor of Computer Science

1. British Computer Society.
2. Binary Compatibility Standard.
Bachelor of Chemical Science
Bachelor of Commercial Science


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