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Be ahead

in or to the front; in advance of; before:
Walk ahead of us.
in a forward direction; onward; forward:
The line of cars moved ahead slowly.
into or for the future:
Plan ahead.
so as to register a later time:
to set the clock ahead.
at or to a different time, either earlier or later:
to push a deadline ahead one day from Tuesday to Monday; to push a deadline ahead one day from Tuesday to Wednesday.
onward toward success; to a more advantageous position; upward in station:
There’s a young man who is sure to get ahead.
ahead of,

in front of; before:
He ran ahead of me.
superior to; beyond:
materially ahead of other countries.
in advance of; at an earlier time than:
We got there ahead of the other guests.

be ahead,

to be winning:
Our team is ahead by two runs.
to be in a position of advantage; be benefiting:
His score in mathematics is poor, but he’s ahead in foreign languages.

(postpositive) in front; in advance
at or in the front; in advance; before
onwards; forwards: go straight ahead
ahead of

in front of; at a further advanced position than
(stock exchange) in anticipation of: the share price rose ahead of the annual figures

(informal) be ahead, to have an advantage; be winning: to be ahead on points
get ahead, to advance or attain success

1620s, “at the head, in front,” from a- “on” (see a- (1)) + head (n.). Originally nautical. To be ahead of (one’s) time attested by 1837.

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come out ahead, straight-ahead
Association on Higher Education and Disability

ahead of one’s time
ahead of the game
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