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Be in someone’s face

be in someone’s face

verb phrase

To confront and bother someone •The expression may come from the aggressive confrontations of basketball players: He was totally in her face/ I was in his face about raking the leaves (1980s+)


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    be in on the act verb phrase To be involved in an activity, esp an exciting one: Now ABC’s gotten into the act (1947+)

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    be in the swim verb phrase To be fashionable, up-to-date, etc: Don’t use stale slang if you’re in the swim (1869+)

  • Be in the weeds

    be in the weeds verb phrase To be in difficulty; be struggling: The corporation that issues your hubby’s paycheck is in the weeds [1980s+; probably fr the plight of a golfer who has sent the ball into the rough]

  • Be in the zone

    be in the zone verb phrase To play effortlessly and without concentrated thought (mid-1980s+ Sports)

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