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Beach drift

the drifting of sediments, especially marine sediments, in patterns parallel to the contours of a beach, due to the action of waves and currents.


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  • Beach face

    the seaward section of a beach exposed to and shaped by the action of waves. Historical Examples The letter dropped from Roy’s grasp, and he flung himself down on the beach face foremost. His Big Opportunity Amy Le Feuvre

  • Beach flea

    any of various small crustaceans, found on beaches, that jump about like fleas. noun another name for the sand hopper

  • Beachfront

    land fronting on a beach. located on or adjacent to a beach: beachfront property. Contemporary Examples Ditto California, the state where he owns a beachfront La Jolla home complete with a $55,000 car elevator. No Home-Field Advantage for Mitt Romney John Avlon June 12, 2012 The beachfront town of Wildwood doesn’t want you shirtless, either. […]

  • Beach goldenrod

    a composite plant, Solidago sempervirens, of eastern and southern North America, having a thick stem and large, branched, one-sided terminal clusters of yellow flowers, flourishing on sea beaches or salt marshes.

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