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Bead molding

bead (def 12).
pearl molding.
Historical Examples

The legs were sometimes carved with a double ogee curve and bead molding.
Furnishing the Home of Good Taste Lucy Abbot Throop


Read Also:

  • Bead plane

    a plane for cutting beads.

  • Bead plant

    a creeping plant, Nertera granadensis, of New Zealand and South America, having leathery leaves and orange-colored, transparent berries.

  • Bead test

    a laboratory test used in the identification of certain metals or metal constituents, in which a bead covered with the material is heated in a flame and cooled to observe its properties.

  • Bead tree

    Barbados pride (def 1). Historical Examples The bead tree, so called from the seeds being used for rosaries, bearing much-branched panicles of fragrant lilac flowers. Trees and Shrubs for English Gardens Ernest Thomas Cook

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