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marked by or having small, glittering eyes, especially eyes that seem to gleam with malice, avarice, or lechery.
staring with suspicion, skepticism, etc.:
The gambler gave the newcomer a beady-eyed look.
Historical Examples

That was what Toddles called his beady-eyed conductor in retaliation.
The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories Various

Chet Ball was staring at the beady-eyed yellow chicken in his hand.
Half Portions Edna Ferber

The fourth member was a Navajo Indian, a copper-skinned, raven-haired, beady-eyed desert savage.
Tales of lonely trails Zane Grey

There were about a dozen mop-headed, beady-eyed men, and some two dozen women—two apiece—and children.
Colorado Jim George Goodchild

The beady-eyed stranger, who had once or twice been seen beyond the gates, was a man of strangely magic power.
The Silent Alarm Roy J. Snell

When Eylan was finished with him, Barrent went to a small, beady-eyed man who lectured on Earth’s memory-destroying system.
The Status Civilization Robert Sheckley

They’ll be dark-skinned, beady-eyed, soft-footed Greasers slip right up out of the ground!
The Light of Western Stars Zane Grey

Turning, Henrietta saw that a black, beady-eyed gentleman was staring at her sternly.
The Tale of Henrietta Hen Arthur Scott Bailey

From out of a deep windfall a beady-eyed, thin-bellied fisher-cat came forth, and stopped with his feet in the crimson ribbon.
Kazan James Oliver Curwood

Oh, beady-eyed gods and shiny little fishes—two smacks in the same spot!
The Last Shot Frederick Palmer


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