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beadlike; small, globular, and glittering:
beady eyes.
covered with or full of beads.
Contemporary Examples

He agreed, and I could almost feel his beady little eyes going ‘KERCHING!’
How Susan Boyle Won My Heart Piers Morgan April 15, 2009

Historical Examples

A crow is cawing in a tree, and looks with beady eyes below.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 1, May 1908 Various

The beach plum and bayberry bushes on the dunes were spangled with beady drops.
Keziah Coffin Joseph C. Lincoln

“You look like a prince in it, Mr. Lint,” pretty Rachel said, coaxing him with her beady black eyes.
Burlesques William Makepeace Thackeray

The beady eyes vanished and reappeared, and they considered me impassively.
The Strolling Saint Raphael Sabatini

A man with beady eyes, who might well be called “black-complexioned,” curtly demanded our business.
Poor Folk in Spain Jan Gordon

Sautee shook his head; his beady, black eyes glowed, and he stroked his chin.
The Coyote James Roberts

Inside the hole, he saw a single rat, staring at him with beady eyes.
Anything You Can Do … Gordon Randall Garrett

Rock’s beady eyes opened wider as he took in the occupants of the room.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

Once dispatched, the three ears lost their kernels giving old women to this day their namesake of beady eyes.
The Land of Look Behind Paul Cameron Brown

adjective beadier, beadiest
small, round, and glittering: used esp of eyes
resembling or covered with beads

in reference to eyes, 1826, from bead (n.) + -y (2). Related: Beadily; beadiness.


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