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Beam splitter

a mirror or prism that divides a beam of light into two parts by reflecting a part of the beam, used in camera range finders.
a system that divides a beam of light, electrons, etc, into two or more paths


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  • Beam trawl

    a trawl net whose lateral spread during trawling is maintained by a beam across its mouth.

  • Beam weapon

    a laser-beam or particle-beam weapon.

  • Beam wind

    a wind blowing against a vessel from a direction at right angles to its keel. Historical Examples When all was ship-shape, the Mary Thomas was lying gallantly over on her side to a beam wind and plunging ahead due south. Dutch Courage and Other Stories Jack London When they were come out of the cabin […]

  • Beam-powered propulsion

    noun a class of propulsion mechanism that beams energy beamed to a spacecraft or other machine from a remote power source Examples Beam-powered propulsion allows space machines and robots to be recharged from a distance. Word Origin 1964 Usage Note also beam-powered technology

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