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(cricket) a full-pitched ball bowled at the batsman’s head
Historical Examples

beamer joined the company at its organization, and was made 2nd Corporal March 7, ’63.
History of Company K. 1st (Inft,) Penn’a Reserves H. N. (Henry N.) Minnigh

Faults in quality or mistakes made in the spinning-room are often credited to the winder, beamer or reeler.
Women in Modern Industry B. L. Hutchins

Dimly he saw himself, faceless, a beamer gripped tight on one hand, a corpse at his feet.
The Status Civilization Robert Sheckley

Nelson toned down the volume of his beamer and fired at a fence post.
The Happy Man Gerald Wilburn Page


See Beemer

video, hardware, communications
A personal video station (PVS) that adds video to standard telephone lines at no additional cost.


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