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Historical Examples

Then I got three more with the gat before somebody landed me a lallapaloosa on the beano and I took the count.
The Argus Pheasant John Charles Beecham

Had they known of the word they would doubtless have called it a “beano.”
A Camera Actress in the Wilds of Togoland Meg Gehrts

The confederates had decided to wait until the magic hour of midnight before they began their beano.
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Angela Brazil

After some hesitation, Easton agreed, and formally moved: ‘That this meeting is in favour of a beano.’
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Robert Tressell

I don’t wish to butter you up, or to gush, but I must honestly say that I feel tip-top proud of my old beano.
The Journal of a Disappointed Man Wilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion

Jimminy, I wouldn’t mind ‘alf an hour in there, and the doors open and the police away at a beano.
The Enchanted Castle E. Nesbit

What the hell was the use of all this discussion before they had even decided to have a beano at all!
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Robert Tressell

The intelligent foreigner may take it that beano simply means the worship of Bacchus.
Cakes & Ale Edward Spencer

They said they didn’t see why they should take risks for St. Elgiva’s, and you might run your own beano.
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Angela Brazil

The chairman said that he remembered the last beano very well.
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Robert Tressell

noun (pl) beanos
(Brit, slang) a celebration, party, or other enjoyable time

1888, colloquial shortening of beanfest “annual dinner given by employers for their workers” (1805); they had a reputation for rowdiness. From bean (n.) + fest (n.).


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