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a tall pole for a bean plant to climb on.
Informal. a tall, lanky person.
Contemporary Examples

But before we got to that, I turned to my oldest son Mickey, our 5-foot-10 beanpole.
Christmas With My Son With Autism Caren Zucker December 22, 2010

She was a beanpole growing up, before gaining 30 pounds after getting her period in eighth grade.
Speed Read: Lena Dunham’s Most Shocking Confessions From ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ Kevin Fallon September 25, 2014

Historical Examples

“Our beanpole friend is suggesting that we get out of the shell and stay awhile,” said Dex with grim humor.
The Red Hell of Jupiter Paul Ernst

However, there their nest was, not the length of a beanpole from those of two pairs of Sparrows.
Dooryard Stories Clara Dillingham Pierson

Is not that his high-stepping mare and his beanpole of a figure riding beside Benito in yon cloud of dust?
Port O’ Gold Louis John Stellman

A great big thin fellow, as tall as a beanpole, with enormous yellow tusks, which he gnashed like a boar.
Men in War Andreas Latzko

The face I finally saw at the top of that beanpole figure was as long as the moral law.
Swept Out to Sea W. Bertram Foster

The beanpole mast had broken off close to where it was stuck in a crack in the barn door, and the sail had fallen on Sue.
Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus Laura Lee Hope

She had a black smudge from the end of the beanpole, which had been in a bonfire, across her forehead.
W. A. G.’s Tale Margaret Turnbull

a tall stick or pole used to support bean plants
(slang) a tall thin person


A tall, thin person; hatrack: She was tall, but no beanpole (1830s+)


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