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Bear grass

Also called elk grass. a tall, western North American plant, Xerophyllum tenax, of the lily family, having narrow leaves and a dense, broad cluster of tiny white flowers.
any of several other plants having linear, grasslike leaves, as those of the genera Nolina and Dasylirion.
Historical Examples

The man crouched in the bear grass could tell that Gabriel was in high good-humor.
Steve Yeager William MacLeod Raine

They are ordinarily used in connection with the bear grass (Xerophyllum).
California Athabascan Groups Martin A. Baumhoff

At Louisville barely could boats be pulled in to the bear grass.
The Conquest Eva Emery Dye

Floyd’s fort on the bear grass became a rendezvous; the little harbour an anchorage for watercraft.
The Conquest Eva Emery Dye

Sisal hemp, which I found much like our yucca or “bear grass,” is but little grown.
Where Half The World Is Waking Up Clarence Poe

Maloney, lying snugly in the bear grass beside the track, would not be informed as to the arrangement.
Crooked Trails and Straight William MacLeod Raine

Ant-hills, the south sides of which bear grass, the northern whortle-berries.
Lachesis Lapponica Carl von Linn

Dawn found them high in the range, in a little canyon, sweet with a tiny spring about which grew mesquite and bear grass.
The Forbidden Trail Honor Willsie

The bear grass is one of the most characteristic plants of Glacier.
Glacier National Park [Montana] United States Dept. of the Interior

They also Cover their heads from the rain Sometimes with a common water cup or basket made of Cedar bark and bear grass.
The Journals of Lewis and Clark Meriwether Lewis and William Clark


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