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deep thought: the response involved much beard-stroking
boringly intellectual: a beard-stroking bore


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  • Bearded

    having a beard. having a hairlike growth or tuft, as certain wheats. having a barb, as a fishhook. the growth of hair on the face of an adult man, often including a mustache. Zoology. a tuft, growth, or part resembling or suggesting a human beard, as the tuft of long hairs on the lower jaw […]

  • Bearded clam

    bearded clam noun phrase The vulva (1960s+)

  • Bearded collie

    one of a British breed of medium-sized herding dogs with a medium-length, shaggy coat, black, blue, brown, or fawn in color. noun a medium-sized breed of dog having a profuse long straight coat, usually grey or fawn and often with white on the head, legs, and chest, a long tail, and a distinctive beard

  • Bearded darnel

    a grass, Lolium tementulum, related to rye, having bristles on the seed head and bearing seeds that yield a narcotic poison.

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