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Beat the shit out of

beat the shit out of

verb phrase

(Variations: bejabbers or bejesus or daylights or hell or kishkes or living daylights or living shit or stuffing or tar or whey may replace shit; kick or knock or another term denoting assault or punishment may replace beat) To defeat or thrash thoroughly; trounce; clobber: tried to blackmail him, he’s beat the shit out of you/ He went up against palooka and they beat the stuffing out of him/ ”I’ll sue the shit out of her,” vowed Professor Gold (entry form 1950+; others generally earlier)


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    Also, beat hollow. Win decisively over someone, outdo. For example, When it comes to the Patriots’ Day parade, Lexington beats the pants off the neighboring towns, or This beer beats the other brands hollow. Both phrases use beat in the sense of “surpass.” Pants off has served as an intensifier since about 1930; the variant […]

  • Beat the socks off someone

    beat the socks off someone verb phrase To defeat decisively; trounce; clobber: In a surprising upset, Hart beat the socks off Mondale (1970s+)

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    any of various dark-colored viscid products obtained by the destructive distillation of certain organic substances, as coal or wood. coal-tar pitch. smoke solids or components: cigarette tar. to smear or cover with or as if with tar. of or characteristic of tar. covered or smeared with tar; tarred. beat / knock / whale the tar […]

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