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Beau ideal

a conception of perfect beauty.
a model of excellence.
Historical Examples

He was my beau ideal of a naval officer—bold and masterful, yet soft and pleasant-voiced withal when he chose to conciliate.
A Modern Buccaneer Rolf Boldrewood

And there, you know who that is, that beau ideal of a hussar?
Charles O’Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 2 (of 2) Charles Lever

She seems to be their beau ideal, their poetry, their enthusiasm.
The Insect World Louis Figuier

But knowledge, science, in the largest sense, was his beau ideal.
The History of Dartmouth College Baxter Perry Smith

His beau ideal was D’Orsay, and he showed the nicest care in the choice of his clothes.
Forty Years of ‘Spy’ Leslie Ward

But your clown on the stage is the beau ideal of mercurial agility.
Saunterings in and about London Max Schlesinger

He seemed to me the beau ideal of a country gentleman: nothing less than this, and something more.
The Late Miss Hollingford Rosa Mulholland

Encountered, last night, at the ball, the beau ideal of my heart.
The Comic English Grammar Unknown

His predecessor, in the Manchioneal district, answered perfectly to the planters’ beau ideal.
The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus American Anti-Slavery Society

He was the beau ideal of your conventional gentleman of society.
From Pillar to Post John Kendrick Bangs

noun (pl) beaux idéals (boz ideal)
perfect beauty or excellence


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