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a city in E Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Quebec, on the St. Lawrence River.
Historical Examples

Their tents were left standing at the Beauport camp, where in their inglorious haste they had even abandoned their heavy baggage.
Old Quebec Sir Gilbert Parker and Claude Glennon Bryan

That splendid battery you are just finishing deserves to be called Beauport.
The Golden Dog William Kirby

Montreal spread out her borders as well, the Beauport road came to be a place of fine estates.
A Little Girl in Old Quebec Amanda Millie Douglas

Our set are having a gala night of it, and must be musical as the frogs of Beauport by this hour!
The Golden Dog William Kirby

Over there at Beauport the Marquis’ first headquarters were located in a big stone house.
The Sun Of Quebec Joseph A. Altsheler

I know an Indian canotier who will ferry me across to Beauport, and say nothing.
The Golden Dog William Kirby

The nearest village, in the direction of Quebec, was Beauport, and even there the inhabitants were comparatively few.
The Bastonnais John Lesperance

We were now fairly in the village of Beauport, though there was still but one road.
Excursions and Poems Henry David Thoreau

Saunders’ pretence at landing on the Beauport shore had kept Montcalm’s army on the alert all the night.
A Historical Geography of the British Colonies Charles Prestwood Lucas

The third was to make a general attack from boats at the Beauport flats.
Historic Handbook of the Northern Tour Francis Parkman


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