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to make or become beautiful.
Historical Examples

It preserves and beautifies the teeth, arrests decay, and induces a healthy action in the gums.
Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million Sarah Josepha Hale

Is it possible for a woman to be insensible to anything that beautifies her?
Sister Anne (Novels of Paul de Kock, Volume X) Charles Paul de Kock

It is the quickening spirit which beautifies the form, and draws unto itself the excellences of nature.
Child and Country Will Levington Comfort

This palm towers in every forest grove and beautifies every island in the rivers.
Stanley in Africa James P. Boyd

For we need not more the Wares and Fabrics than the skill which fashions and the taste which beautifies them.
Glances at Europe Horace Greeley

With her gift of song she beautifies church, home, charity, and society.
News Writing M. Lyle Spencer

The despoilers of all that beautifies and hallows life had desecrated the altar, and denied the God!
Zanoni Edward Bulwer Lytton

The rainbow, which beautifies the sky after showers, is round.
Prairie Smoke (Second Edition, Revised) Melvin Randolph Gilmore

They have no hair whatever on their bodies, but they have very long black hair, especially the women, which beautifies them.
The Letters of Amerigo Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci

It beautifies and glorifies the individual, and makes him worthy of redemption.
What a Young Husband Ought to Know Sylvanus Stall

verb -fies, -fying, -fied
to make or become beautiful

mid-15c., “to make beautiful,” from beauty + -fy. Intransitive sense, “to become beautiful,” is recorded from 1590s. Related: Beautified; beautifying.


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