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Beauty spot

a tiny, molelike patch worn, usually on the face, as to set off the fairness of the skin.
a mole or other dark mark on the skin.
a place of exceptional scenic or architectural beauty:
Montserrat is the beauty spot of the islands.
Historical Examples

The Gaelic Diarmid had similarly a beauty spot on his forehead.
Indian Myth and Legend Donald Alexander Mackenzie

A door leads into the conservatory, which is always a beauty spot.
Dorothy’s Tour Evelyn Raymond

I think Tom—I mean Mr. Parsons—looks quite artistic with that beauty spot.
A Quarter-Back’s Pluck Lester Chadwick

It is, indeed, difficult to avoid the use of extravagant language in the attempt to describe this beauty spot of Nature.
Across the Equator Thomas H. Reid

I don’t suppose he remembers there’s such a beauty spot as this where we’re sitting now, even if he ever saw it.
A Fortunate Term Angela Brazil

Sometimes we went to the seaside, or made an excursion to some beauty spot in Normandy.
My Memoirs Marguerite Steinheil

The latter had what is called a Ball seirce, or beauty spot, which no woman could resist.
Dean of Lismore’s Book Various

The beauty spot on her hand, just by her little finger, had grown larger, and was as black as though mortification had set in.
Rene Mauperin Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt

But the beauty spot in all this loveliness is right in the centre—a rose-garden.
From a Terrace in Prague Lieut.-Col. B. Granville Baker

With a gleam beneath a dancing ray of sunlight, with a beauty spot of white foam here and there.
Menotah Ernest G. Henham

a place of outstanding beauty
a small dark-coloured patch or spot worn on a lady’s face as an adornment or as a foil to her complexion
a mole or other similar natural mark on the skin


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