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Beaver tail

trademark a flat oval doughnut served fried and sugared
Historical Examples

You are right that far, Roger, for it is meant to be the signature of beaver tail, himself.
The Pioneer Boys of the Columbia Harrison Adams

What about beaver tail the Iroquois who failed to return the required value of pelts in the spring?
The Law of the North (Originally published as Empery) Samuel Alexander White

Leave it all to the chief, and let us copy everything they do, so as to show beaver tail we have handed the whole job over to him.
The Pioneer Boys of the Yellowstone Harrison Adams

We chased the wolves off, and looked after his wounds, when to our surprise he handed us this message from his chief, beaver tail.
The Pioneer Boys of the Columbia Harrison Adams

beaver tail used to be considered great meat by the old-time trappers, something like back fat among the Indians.
Jack the Young Trapper George Bird Grinnell

That night we swallowed a very scanty supper, laid down to sleep, and dreamed of beaver tail and buffalo hump and tongues.
Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet Captain Marryat

To their satisfaction beaver tail immediately greeted them as friends, after the manner of his tribe.
The Pioneer Boys of the Yellowstone Harrison Adams

At the same time the light-house on beaver tail flashes greeting, and we may now enter the port with confidence.
Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast Samuel Adams Drake

Three shapes are in vogue—­the beaver tail, the egg tail and the long tail.
The Long Labrador Trail Dillon Wallace

After that he used it so much in handling mud that the hair soon wore off, and it looked just as the beaver tail does now.
Shaggycoat Clarence Hawkes


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