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Ferdinand August
[fur-dn-and aw-guh st;; German fer-di-nahnt ou-goo st] /ˈfɜr dnˌænd ˈɔ gəst;; German ˈfɛr dɪˌnɑnt ˈaʊ gʊst/ (Show IPA), 1840–1913, German socialist and writer.
Contemporary Examples

As August Bebel might have said if he were watching all this, bipartisanship is the optimism of fools.
That Boehner Speech: Dragons Last Forever, But No So Little Speakers Michael Tomasky November 7, 2012

Historical Examples

Bebel expects some day a great crisis which will go far beyond the power of any merely political means to solve.
Socialism As It Is William English Walling

That they do is denied by all the most representative Socialists from Marx to Bebel.
Socialism As It Is William English Walling

Still more fully did Bebel declare himself during the session of the Reichstag of March 7, 1904.
New York Times Current History: The European War from the Beginning to March 1915, Vol 1, No. 2 Various

It appears that Bebel’s position on this matter is really the more radical.
Socialism As It Is William English Walling

All these statements except one (that concerning England) Bebel denied.
Socialism As It Is William English Walling

Bebel is not talking Economic Esperanto; he is talking German.
Utopia of Usurers and other Essays Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Bebel had to beat a retreat and introduce another resolution.
Bolshevism John Spargo

French law only recognizes man as a human being.August Bebel.
Woman, Church & State Matilda Joslyn Gage

As there is no such way, there was nothing else that Bebel could do.
Bolshevism John Spargo

August (ˈauɡʊst). 1840–1913, German socialist leader: one of the founders of the Social Democratic Party (1869)


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