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bop1 .
Contemporary Examples

Jazz was outsider music that moved mainstream, and then with bebop moved back on the edges.
Defining American Cool From Walt Whitman to Tina Fey and Johnny Depp Jason Berry March 24, 2014

Then he called out “Cherokee,” the name of one of the most famous, and fastest, tunes in the bebop repertoire.
Why Comedians Still Think Bill Cosby Is a Genius Mark Whitaker October 4, 2014

The bebop legend drove jazz into territories that continue to awe listeners with ears fast enough to keep up.
What Made Charlie Parker Great? Reviewing Stanley Crouch’s Biography on Bird Stuart Klawans September 22, 2013

the full name for bop1 (sense 1)

1944, from bebop, rebop, bop, nonsense words in jazz lyrics, attested from at least 1928. The style is associated with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.

Related Terms

A language combining sequential and parallel logic programming, object-oriented and meta-level programming. Both don’t know nondeterminism and stream AND-parallelism. Prolog theories are first order entities and may be updated or passed in messages. BeBOP is implemented by translation to NU-Prolog and PNU-Prolog.
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