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Tswana (def 1).
Historical Examples

The Bechuana nations are the most advanced of these four groups.
The Human Race Louis Figuier

The Makololo and Bechuana custom of greeting the new moon is curious.
Moon Lore Timothy Harley

Now, as already stated, the plan practised by the Bechuana savages had nothing very novel or strange in it.
The Young Yagers Mayne Reid

The natives (most of them of Bechuana stock) are nearly twice as numerous as the whites.
Impressions of South Africa James Bryce

Still worse was the conduct of Boers who had pushed their way into the Bechuana country.
Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa David Livingstone

The country is thinly inhabited by Bushmen and wandering Bechuana.
The World and Its People: Book VII Anna B. Badlam

Besides these the French Society is doing a great work among the Bechuana and other tribes.
Stanley in Africa James P. Boyd

They have all the Bechuana love for agriculture and domestic animals.
The World and Its People: Book VII Anna B. Badlam

But the agitation in England had, fortunately for what remained of the Bechuana people, not been allowed to drop.
The Last Boer War H. Rider Haggard

It is among the Bechuana missions, that enlargement is most practicable.
Fruits of Toil in the London Missionary Society Various

noun (pl) -na, -nas
a former name for Tswana
a former name for a member of the Bantu people of Botswana


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