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a female given name, form of Rebecca.
Contemporary Examples

The aid meant “the difference between vegetable soup with macaroni thrown in and a real dinner,” Becky said.
The New Blue-Collar Hungry Sasha Abramsky November 17, 2009

She had Vanessa, now 20, then Becky, 17, and finally, Taina, 9, who has Down syndrome.
Obesity and Diabetes Afflict a New Jersey Family Fighting to Stay Fit Tony Doukopil May 6, 2012

Becky Haskins, a Republican who served with Wendy Davis on the Fort Worth City Council, blasted the sexist attacks.
The Right Subjects Wendy Davis to Litmus Tests No Male Would Ever Face Kirsten Powers January 23, 2014

One teenaged girl named Becky Ktuznik said “there are a lot of fights.”
Alleged Killer in Wisconsin ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Was Not Local, Residents Say Ben Jacobs August 5, 2012

His wife, Rosemary Hernandez, and his daughter, Becky Hernandez, sat in the hallway outside the courtroom.
Etan Patz: Painfully Obvious Evidence Michael Daly May 25, 2012

Historical Examples

Sister Becky used to have a great deal to tell her sometimes of an evening.
An Arrow in a Sunbeam Various

Mrs. Becky Blount, the other customer, elevated the tip of a long nose.
Galusha the Magnificent Joseph C. Lincoln

It was Becky who exclaimed, with a faint colour of excitement in her cheek, “Oh father, what made him?”
Black, White and Gray Amy Walton

I turned, and there was Becky Huckleberries, Lonesome’s daughter.
Cape Cod Stories Joseph C. Lincoln

Becky had a sudden forlorn sense that things were wrong with the whole world.
The Trumpeter Swan Temple Bailey


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