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to make or cause to become crippled.


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  • Bedabble

    to spatter or soil all over: clothes bedabbled with paint.

  • Bedash

    to dash or spatter (something) all over: to bedash a salad with pepper. to dash or strike against: windows bedashed with rain. to demolish or ruin; obliterate: His dreams of glory were quickly bedashed.

  • Bedaub

    to smear all over; besmear; soil. to ornament gaudily or excessively. Historical Examples The men paint or bedaub their faces and breasts with a kind of red earth. The Captive in Patagonia Benjamin Franklin Bourne Against which he prepares to bedaub him, and swears he will do it from the beginning, from Jersey to this […]

  • Bedazzle

    to impress forcefully, especially so as to make oblivious to faults or shortcomings: Audiences were bedazzled by her charm. to dazzle so as to blind or confuse: The glare of the headlights bedazzled him. verb (transitive) to dazzle or confuse, as with brilliance v. 1590s, from be- + dazzle (v.). Related: Bedazzled; bedazzling.

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