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Bed bolt

a bolt on a bed for attaching a side rail to the head or foot.


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  • Bedbug

    a flat, wingless, bloodsucking hemipterous insect, Cimex lectularius, that infests houses and especially beds. any of several other bloodsucking bugs of the family Cimicidae. Historical Examples It made a luxurious bed, and quite free from vermin; for a bedbug will never approach a bearskin. In Search of a Siberian Klondike Homer B. Hulbert He has […]

  • Bed chair

    an adjustable frame for assisting invalids to sit up in bed.

  • Bedchamber

    bedroom. Historical Examples Why is the bedchamber filled with a crowd of deities, when even the groomsmen have departed? The City of God, Volume I Aurelius Augustine A month has elapsed,—and we stand in the bedchamber of Sir John Chester. Barnaby Rudge Charles Dickens Some of the same animals came to visit Schrader in his […]

  • Bed check

    an inspection conducted soon after bedtime or during the night, as in a barracks or dormitory, to determine the presence or absence of persons required by regulation to be in bed. Historical Examples I was given a bed check corresponding to the number of my hat, and told to go upstairs. Broke Edwin A. Brown

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