Bed in

(preposition) (engineering) to fit (parts) together accurately or (of parts) to be fitted together, either through machining or use, as in fitting a bearing to its shaft
(preposition) to make or become settled and able to work efficiently in harmony

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  • Bed jacket

    a short jacket worn, usually by a woman, over a nightgown or pajamas, especially while sitting up in bed. noun a woman’s short upper garment worn over a nightgown when sitting up in bed

  • Bedlamer

    a harp seal, beyond the beater stage but not yet mature.

  • Bedlamp

    a lamp at the side or head of a bed.

  • Bedlight

    a bedlamp.

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    sheets and pillowcases. Historical Examples Worse yet, the bed linen was not changed during the entire voyage of nine and a half weeks. The Gold Diggings of Cape Horn John R. Spears He must carry his own bed linen to sea with him and arrange for his own food. Four American Naval Heroes Mabel Beebe […]

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