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Bed tray

a meal tray with legs or supports at each end to fit across the lap of a person who is sitting up in bed.


Read Also:

  • Bedwarmer

    a long-handled, covered pan containing hot coals, used for warming beds. noun a metal pan containing hot coals, formerly used to warm a bed

  • Bedwetter

    a person, usually a child, who urinates while sleeping, especially habitually.

  • Bedwetting

    urinating in bed, especially habitually and involuntarily; enuresis. Contemporary Examples Some friends saw JonBenet’s bedwetting and other problems with toilet training as a protest against the pressure of the pageants. John Ramsey’s Lingering Suspicions Lucinda Franks October 12, 2008

  • Bed-blocking

    noun (Brit) the use of hospital beds by elderly patients who cannot leave hospital because they have no place in a residential care home

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