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bedclothes; bedding.
Historical Examples

The bedclothing consists of as many similar futons as the state of the weather may require.
Japanese Girls and Women Alice Mabel Bacon

If this has been done the bedclothing has had a chance to air.
The Expert Maid-Servant Cristine Terhune Herrick

It was, perhaps, ten o’clock when Kitty threw back the bedclothing, and slowly got out of bed.
Marjorie at Seacote Carolyn Wells

A more familiar comparison may be had from the blankets used for bedclothing.
Outlines of the Earth’s History Nathaniel Southgate Shaler

The bunks were filled with bedclothing; and an oil-lamp stood on a triangular shelf in a corner near the door.
The Trail Horde Charles Alden Seltzer

By the time we had eaten our supper and thawed out, we grew sleepy, and under all our bedclothing, curled up in the bunk.
A Busy Year at the Old Squire’s Charles Asbury Stephens

They bring their own food and bedclothing with them and pay eighty-five cents a day for the privilege of shelter.
Journeys and Experiences in Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile Henry Stephens

Clutching the bedclothing, she tried to draw it over her head, but her paralyzed arms refused to move.
The Room with the Tassels Carolyn Wells

Marchmont crossed the bare floor, bent, and felt the bedclothing.
The Long Roll Mary Johnston

“I demand to know what has been done with the bedclothing,” resumed the irate teacher.
The Putnam Hall Rivals Arthur M. Winfield


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