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bedmaker (def 1).
Also called bedding plant. Horticulture. an ornamental plant that is suitable for planting with other plants in a bed to achieve a desired visual effect.
Historical Examples

You bedder not get too gay, or you lose your job damn quick.
Beth Norvell Randall Parrish

“Get bedder, and ve vill lif like kings, all tree of us,” exclaimed Schmucke.
Cousin Pons Honore de Balzac

Vicomtesse de Montesquieu, double white, useful as a bedder.
The Book of Roses Francis Parkman

Aber idt is bedder to die on a goodt ship dan in der wreck of a lighdthouse.
The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Lost Liner Wilbur Lawton

“bedder sdill, fill id with wadter, ad thed I could sleeb in id,” suggested the Fish.
The Wallypug in London G. E. Farrow

(Brit) (at some universities) a college servant employed to keep students’ rooms in order
a plant that may be grown in a garden bed


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