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to make dim; darken; obscure.
Historical Examples

Then her face flushed, and a warm cloud seemed to bedim her eyes.
Wild Youth, Volume Complete Gilbert Parker

He cast his eyes on that rider,—but one glance was enough to bedim his eye-sight, if not to scare away his reason.
The Three Perils of Man, Vol. 1 (of 3) James Hogg

Here is his sure title to nobility—a title that neither time nor eternity can ever tarnish or bedim.
Abraham Lincoln’s Cardinal Traits; Clark S. Beardslee

No men have done more to bedim the reputation of Washington, than Jefferson and Randolph.
Dealings with the Dead, Volume I (of 2) A Sexton of the Old School

A little joy on earth, they think, will not bedim the lustre of a life that is to come—if such there be.
A Thoughtless Yes Helen H. Gardener

It is sometimes intensive, as in bestir, and converts an adjective into a verb, as in bedim.
New Word-Analysis William Swinton

verb -dims, -dimming, -dimmed
(transitive) to make dim or obscure

1560s, from be- + dim (adj.). Related: Bedimmed; bedimming.


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