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a person who makes up beds.
a person who constructs beds, as a carpenter.
Contemporary Examples

At least not until I checked out the new limited offering from high-end British bedmaker Savoir Beds.
Savoir Beds’ Royal State Bed: Just Perfect, If You Have $175,000 Daniel Gross June 26, 2013

Historical Examples

For his own use he has been content with the services of a bedmaker, to whom he gave 50s.
Old Picture Books Alfred W. Pollard

Last night the bedmaker from W said to me,’What are you doing to my gentlemen?
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster

Had he acted discourteously to his bedmaker or his gyp, he would have minded just as much, which was not polite of him.
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster

His bedmaker, equally peevish, explained how it had happened.
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster

The female servant (not unfrequently his wife or daughter) is the bedmaker.
The Slang Dictionary John Camden Hotten

My bedmaker and tutor were the only people to whom I bid goodbye.
The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco Charles Wentworth Dilke

He forgets to add an unknown sum to pay for the waste, impositions, and perquisites inseparable from a bedmaker’s existence.
Old Picture Books Alfred W. Pollard

Then the bedmakers began to arrive, chatting to each other pleasantly, and he could hear Ansell’s bedmaker say, “Oh dang!”
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster


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