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one of the upright supports of a bedstead.
bedposts, Bowling. a split in which the seven and ten pins remain standing.
Historical Examples

The waking in the morning is accomplished by two or three black women staring at you from the bedposts.
Retrospect of Western Travel, Volume I (of 2) Harriet Martineau

Colwyn approached the head of the bed and bent down to examine the bedposts.
The Hand in the Dark Arthur J. Rees

One of the bedposts was addressing her, and the big four-poster itself was dancing a regular jig.
The Royal Book of Oz L. Frank Baum

The answer received was a loud and repeated “he-haw,” with the clattering of hoofs against the bedposts.
The Comical Adventures of Twm Shon Catty T. J. Llewelyn Prichard

The twisted columns used in chairs, bedposts, etc., were borrowed from Italy and were very popular.
Furnishing the Home of Good Taste Lucy Abbot Throop

He seized one of the bedposts, and it became immediately a fluted golden pillar.
Myths That Every Child Should Know Various

When the justice returned to the inside room Rathburn moved a chair close against one of the bedposts.
The Coyote James Roberts

A gag had been thrust into his mouth; and he was tightly bound, by a cord round his waist, to one of the bedposts.
Held Fast For England G. A. Henty

bedposts, legs of chairs and tables, all the woodwork, had to undergo a microscopic scrutiny.
The Pirate of Panama William MacLeod Raine

His designs for bedposts show the French influence, being fluted and wreathed with flowers.
The Old Furniture Book N. Hudson Moore

any of the four vertical supports at the corners of a bedstead
(informal) between you and me and the bedpost, confidentially; in secret

also bed-post, 1590s, from bed (n.) + post (n.1).

Related Terms

the devil’s bedposts


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