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a room furnished and used for sleeping.
concerned mainly with love affairs or sex:
The movie is a typical bedroom comedy.
sexually inviting; amorous:
bedroom eyes.
inhabited largely by commuters:
a bedroom community.
Contemporary Examples

Just then, a calm young paramedic named Nick entered our bedroom.
My Accidental Home Birth Jim Sciutto November 29, 2010

I awoke in mid-air, as the shock wave hurled me against the bedroom’s far wall.
The Extinction Parade: An Original Zombie Story by Max Brooks Max Brooks January 13, 2011

Of course, whenever one plays with dangerous or potentially deadly elements in the bedroom, safety is essential.
The Dangerous Appeal of Choking Gideon June 13, 2009

“Someone kicked open the bedroom door,” Radley Balko wrote in his definitive narrative of the case.
The Wrong Case Conor Friedersdorf July 26, 2009

To the contrary, he states that he left the bedroom for only two minutes to go to the bathroom.
Inside the Trial of Dr. Conrad Murray Amy Ephron October 8, 2011

Historical Examples

Ulyth and Lizzie Lonsdale were sitting cosily in the latter’s bedroom.
For the Sake of the School Angela Brazil

Dick, vaguely conscious of damp and dirt, went up to his bedroom.
Viviette William J. Locke

Who can describe what took place in the darkness of the bedroom?
Friars and Filipinos Jose Rizal

But the left has a sitting-room and bedroom, with a bathroom between the two.
Grace Harlowe’s Return to Overton Campus Jessie Graham Flower

There was a large canful of water in my bedroom, and I ran in at once to fetch it.
The Queen of Hearts Wilkie Collins

a room furnished with beds or used for sleeping
(modifier) containing references to sex: a bedroom comedy

also bed-room, 1610s, from bed (n.) + room. Slightly earlier in a sense “sleeping space” (1580s). Replaced earlier bedchamber (late 14c.). First record of slang bedroom eyes is from 1901.


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